Yr 13 Adam and eve table tops

Yr 13, please find your table-top PDFs.

This is the result of a 20 minute braindump on the opening 300 (or so) lines of Paradise Lost ix.  The students were looking at the key points made in debate by each of Adam and Eve and then developing ideas about the character of each as it emerges in this sequence.  The follow up essay will focus on AO4 and consider the degree to which the depiction of Eve is coloured by contemporary attitudes and whether there is a shift – Jacobean, Carolian, Cromwellian…restoration…  This will tie in with the study of The White Devil later in the year.

adam eve tables

This sound file is an essay being presented by one of the students, relating to the depiction of Satan in the first 190 lines.  I attach it since one of the class was absent and will benefit from downloading and listening.  First essay of Y13.