Skype lessons – to engage with other cultures and contexts

Earlier this week I took part in a skype lesson with the wonderful METU College…(the Turkish name is ‘Odtu Koleji’) in Ankara at the invitation of their inspirational Head of English – Canan Korkut (@KorkutCkorkut13).

ankara 1

Our hope is that we will run a year 10 club this year – mine will be a breakfast club – the time difference requires a start time of 07.30 – to explore the material in the Edexcel IGCSE anthology (non fiction and Section 2).

This was very exciting – at this stage it was ‘me against Ankara’ and I hope that the experience will help to embed recognition of the variety of interpretations our own personal contexts lead us to apply to texts. Single Stories? Not here.


I will return to this topic once my students are engaged, but I am very excitied about this project – a real chance ot engage with wider learning on a personal level.