Ibsen timeline


This is an extract from an Ibsen timeline I have made to assist students working on A Doll’s House.  I’d oove to see more ideas for entries…


ibsen timeline draft 


ibsen timeline draft

1847 Writing under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, Emily Brontë publishes Wuthering Heights in 1847, a year before her death.  Charlotte Bronte publishes Jane Eyre under the pseudonym Currer Bell
1848         fathered a son with a servant girl; had little contact with the boy, as he soon moved to Kristiania (Oslo) Karl Marx: Communist Maifesto
1850  published first play, Catiline; not performed.
1851  The police acts against the thranitter agency Arbeider-Foreningens Blad , seizes manuscripts and arrests Thrane and editor Abildgaard . Ibsen has written for the magazine and also taught at a Sunday school for workers, but manuscripts by him are not found, and Ibsen avoids police and judiciary.  Moved to Bergen to work as playwright-in-residence at the Norwegian Theater
1853 Holman Hunt paints ‘the awakening conscience’.