Apprentices in year 8

Material for the Apprentice unit which I use in Year 8.  Colleagues from my Slough days will recognise this and it is still going strong.

apprentice overview composite

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This module was developed several years ago.  I am sorry that I have mislaid my original resources – probably left roistering in a former school…

The idea is to develop a large scale S+L activity in year 8, which is linked to the development of an awareness of Business English and the non-fiction writing types.  Really it is up to the teacher – I usually begin with an amount of writing – business letters, CV’s, Applications and so forth before revealing the task for the year. Based on the BBC show, we have run a range of invent a snack bar for the 2012 Olympics, through design and launch a coffee shop on school premises to design an educational toy…

In each group the Project Manager (chosen by the teacher) interviews and delegates roles to this or her team. There is much research to be undertaken, from questionnaire writing to financial data crunching.

What it should never be is a ‘fun’ activity for the Summer term. There is a great deal of potentially valuable learning in this activity. It will be fun – never pointless.