P2Q5: transactional viewpoint for AQA

So we know it is going to be a news article… that is helpful for our students who must be fed up to the back teeth with the amount of news articles they have been shown…

Anyway, here is a slide deck which I will be using to work on P2Q5 later in the week and before the exams… I use passages from Kari Herbert ‘The Explorer’s Daughter'(explorer’s daughter) and a PETA web page (https://www.peta.org.uk/action/trophy-hunting-2020/?utm_source=PETA%20UK::Google&utm_medium=Ad&utm_campaign=1020::gen::PETA%20UK::Google::s-grant-dsa::::searchad&gclid=CjwKCAjwj42UBhAAEiwACIhADlzwRyhe4GYoXTr6DJhCkkzVs9NORX7TG31RiVSpBs-2B9eOESxhTRoChjcQAvD_BwE) as two sources which are imagined as featuring in section one, from which to write the transactional essay.

The whole anthology from Edexcel is here: