Storm Day poem

I set Year 7 a remote learning task today on the Loom link below.

I have just received this poem by email:

To Mr Peel,

I have completed my storm poem. thank you for this joyous task. I have really enjoyed it! here is my poem:

The sun retreats deep into the clouds, no hope of standing ground.

the thrashing winds weave into every nook, cranny chimney pot,

the clouds hurry away with the wind at their tales,

when flustered dawn swiftly swept across the sky,

no birds pronounced their song.

the thrashing winds take yet another swipe.

yet again the trees are defied the weakening trees, precious, young and old

we all hunker down and cwytch in tight,

the menacing wyntog gaeaf stormus takes a hold.

it began a light breeze, a whisper on the air,

a gust a gale, the thrashing and crashing of the cold.

as it sweeps monstrously across the sky, it robs bins of lids, roofs of tiles and even frames of windowpanes with its almighty uproar.

the bamboo flexes bent double as the wind contorts its canes.

brisk wind rushes, tearing across the sky, and then, it shines once more.


best wishes for half term.

4 other poems have also made me really happy. Such great work – and on a storm day, too.

Aren’t Year 7 amazing?