Poem at 39: notes on establishing links relating to parenthood for edexcel IGCSE

Year 11 completed a silent debate today-  Compare the presentation of parenthood between Poem at 39 and one other from the collection…

I attach the PDF table tops for them to download and anyone else to use.

parenthood tables

Notable ideas:

  • Using Piano allows the discussion of the female to male and male to female poem
  • Men seem to advise and teach in order to facilitate escaping the nest (If, P@39 and so on)
  • Women can be seen as more nurturing and nest building (Piano) though possibly also stifling
  • In Do not go Gentle, the parent has become the child
  • We recognised the need to establish clear comment – one idea was to view the foetus in PB4B as the embryonic Alice Walker and to consider whether her fears have been realised.
  • Language strucutre and form begins with form…. free verse or clear patterns… why?? and moved onto discussion of the figurative over the plainly descriptive.