Apprentices? You’re hired, Year 8

I love the summer term. In year 8 we run an Apprentice Project – plenty of Business English, targetted group work and a competition, first in the classes and then in the grand final.

The brief this year was to design and plan a café to be based in the school with a remit to serve the community – thus engaging with our core values.

The winning group’s proposition: The Tree House Café had a strong USP: helping to clean up the environment won points for a loyalty programme to get free food and drink. This, together with the zip wire and other active ideas impressed Mr Stephen Graham, Head of English at Holyport College, who judged the event. He commented that the standard was extremely high and that any group could have won on the quality of presentation alone, but the breadth of the winning idea and the imagination showed, gave them the victory.


Miss Davies, the teacher of the winning group was gracious in victory and praised Mr Iveson and Mrs Trafford’s groups. It was a great way to bring the teaching of Year 8 to a close.


The four winners: Taranvir , Dhiren , Dhrish  and Rohin , received copies of Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner, to further inspire their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The presentations:

Luxury Lounge

the tree house cafe powerpoint