Sample internal exam papers for Lwr 6th: OCR Elit A level.

Now that we no longer enter students for AS level, we are setting a strong internal exam in the Lower Sixth to aid our predictions for university entrance. Texts covered: Chaucer, Ibsen and Gatsby

Here are my 4 papers. The questions are all culled from OCR material, with the exception of the WW1 unseen choice. My students use WW1 lit for their comparative coursework/NEA and this was a chance to see how they are developing as critical readers, also prepping them towards the AmLit unseen skills they will be assimilating next year.

If you find them useful, please … use them.

University Predictor group C Examination 2

University predictor group C paper 1

University Predictor group d Examination 1

University Predictor group D Examination 2