Some non-fiction passages to use when revising IGCSE language A

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These passage sseem to fit the new anthology quite well. The Barnard Castle Alan Carr is a real winner….

.Single story

Alan Carr mock

Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress – pair with Bhutan

Boy adventurers comparison french mountaineers

for Zephaniah

hawk 2 passages for comparison

Homegoing – pair with H is for Hawk

How to be human online – pair with Young and Dyslexic

Hyeonseo Lee, prologue to The Girl with Seven Names – pair with Chinese Cinderella

Paper 1 A single Story Unseen comparison questions

Pole to Pole by Michael Palin Mock

Pole to Pole questions Michael Palin Mock

Pushing Boundaries in Design – pair with Young and Dyslexic

questions sword in stone Hawk

So much for the fractured Brexitland – pair with Explorer’s Daughter

social media conspiracy theories

Survival Attacked By a Wolf

Survival Chris McCandless

survival Joe Simpson

Susan Cain, Power of the Introvert – pair with Danger of a Single Story

Teenagers on loneliness – pair with ExplorersBoys

Tracks – Robyn Davidson – pair with A Game of Polo

travel writing

Turning Risk into Opportunity – pair with A Passage to Africa or Explorer’s Daughter

Young and dyslexic