Approaching the NEW IGCSE Language paper 1 (Edexcel)

A new paper: a new format and a new approach.  This Power Point is designed to assist students preparing for a new examination.

I like the new Edexcel IGCSE English Language papers. Paper 1 is certainly more succinct and there is a clear purpose in the Anthology of non-fiction extracts now that there is a clear need to engage with  ‘how’ rather than what in terms of the allocation of marks.

I am also pleased to see the new paper 1 worth 60% rather than 70% of the whole.

There are elements which I understand but which still chafe somewhat. I cannot square the circle of SPAG marks. I totally understand the need for the focus on correct spelling and grammar and support it, yet i am distressed each year by the fate of my students, possibly dyslexic, who simply have to treat this area as ‘lost marks’ before they even start. I always felt that the compulsory S+L element of the old exams was one way to allow them to shine- often brilliant users of language, their inability to spell and then to proof read with accuracy is an issue which I struggle to balance in my mind.

That said, I am thrilled by the inclusion of the Zephaniah passage int he anthology – it really engaged students who find language a struggle and I congratulate Edexdel for its inclusion along with the Adichie ‘ Single Story’ passage as I have written here: I’m rubbish at English…

Still, here’s the slide deck.

Edexcel English Language Paper 1