Jerusalem (Butterworth): An introduction for students and teachers. Completed draft

PDF: Jerusalem study guide draft 1 JWP (2)

I have been putting together an introduction to Butterworth’s play. This is my draft complete copy. It is definitely work in progress, but I welcome feedback.
The play appears on the OCR set text list for AS and can be used, therefore for the coursework element at A level, yet there is no published material on the play and OCR have not produced one of their useful guides to give us a hint at what areas of a splendidly rich text they will be focused upon.
I hope some who read this will get in touch with suggestions and corrections… I am still working on it as you can see.


Please note this comment on the music in Jerusalem:

The Werewolf song is not by Barry Dransfield, but by American artist Michael Hurley. The producers of Jerusalem are aware of this, though still have not compensated Hurley for the now extensive use of his tune. They insultingly offered him $500. Please edit your article to reflect the true author of The Werewolf, and insist that Michael Hurley be adequately compensated for the use of his song.

I received this note on the music in Jerusalem post and am happy to make this clear.

WORD: Jerusalem study guide draft 1 JWP (2)