Teaching Macbeth in Y10: early ideas

Here are two teaching ideas for my new Y10 Macbeth class – both on PPt.

With a small class, I want much of the class teaching to involve round table discussion this term. I have experimented with this and find it useful to keep all on task and to engage with real discussion. We sit in a board room formation and, to start with, I chair the meeting. Once modelled, the role of chair can be taken by any student, though they should be forewarned.
Ideally students will respond orally, in full sentences and with evidence included in the response. I want them to become so familiar with the idea that we justify our assertions by going into the text when they speak, that it becomes second nature when they write. It also has the effect of increasing familiarity with the language of the original, since it can’t be ignored and has to be read and spoken.


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