“You can’t give us homework, we have to revise!”

I am always happy to magpie good ideas. When revising – feat your eyes on this excellent resource – remember to plan revision and to vary the activities…

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How many times have you heard something like this? You plan a test, exam or assessment for your class, give them some homework or an independent learning activity to prepare them and a student in the class shouts out “…but you can’t give us homework, we have to revise!”.

Many students struggle to grasp how to revise, or understand what revision is unless you teach it to them. The majority of students I ask to define revision say one of three things – “Read through notes”, “write notes from a book” or “go on revision websites”. Whilst these are all valid ways to prepare for assessment, there are many ways to go about it.

In an attempt to broaden students understanding of revision I have created the “Student revision toolbox” (see below) which you can download here.

If you can see anything missing from the list, I would be very…

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