Crunch Time

This post is brilliant: such sage advice.

I found this on Twitter – the source of much of my Professional Dewvelopment…  Thank you Mr Staveley.  All students should take 45 minutes to read this and to consider the immplications….

Mr Staveley's Blog

Those of you who have exams coming up will have noticed that in the run up to the Easter holidays, the pressure has intensified, the workload and concomitant stress have increased, and your free time, your ability to use it wisely, your mental balance, and probably your sanity have all diminished. There is probably a sense that the change has been swift and sudden, and the exam dates are now looming – a horrible storm on the horizon.

storm-clouds Yes, it’s a metaphor, but I’m an English teacher. What did you expect?

This blog is designed to help. It’s very important though that from the outset, I make it very clear that your success in managing this difficult time is entirely dependent on your attitude towards it. Strategies, advice, counsel, guidance, care, plans, are totally useless to you if you’re not prepared to undergo some discomfort and make some difficult decisions.

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