Shakespeare Sonnets in year 7: updated

I have just completed marking the essays produced by my current Yr 7 boys at The John Lyon School.  I want to share two extracts of work which I find remarkable for their quality and attention to detail – remember that these are 11 year olds.

You will also see evidence of green pen in action – self editing to improve work.  I wish that one of the boys would begin to plan in more depth to avoid the positive exc-skeleton of green that winds through this response, but it seems a small price to pay for such excellent writing about a topic often deemed to be too tricky to be addressed at this level.

So, this course has run now in two schools and seems to work – enjoy it!

new doc 27_1new doc 27_2



I have attached my draft student workbook for a Shakespeare sonnet unit to be used next year in Year 7.  It might be a little advanced… much will depend on delivery and engagement.


The Department You Tube Channel Sonnet playlist: 

I alos recommend the Touchpress App, available on itunes:

After much mind-changing I settled on Sonnets 12,18,55,71,116 and 130 as giving a good range of central topic and providing some spectacular imagery for the students to engage with.  There is a major creative piece in here, otherwise I am trying to establish a strong sense of technical mastery in this unit.

Ethan cracks iambic pentameter in lesson 1:

Do let me know what you think.  It is work in progress and will be further developed over the summer.

Oh yes: Thank you to the brilliant girls of UCGS Yr 9 who provided the artwork stimuli.