Links to articles about Urbanisation relative to Jerusalem (Butterworth)

These links are to articles which I find relevant to an understanding of Butterworth’s play and will serve as a starting point for next year’s Year 12 teaching.

Butterworth on Englishness:

‘ouses, ‘ouses, ‘ouses by Imagined Village:

From Newcastle University, on issues caused by counter-urbanisation

From the Telegraph: Readers feelings about country/urban dwelling:

newcomers struggle in the face of rural life:

Prince Charles on valuing the country, and the response:

On the shrinking Green Belt:

On housing issues in the 21st century:

The countryside is not for the fainthearted:

On Child Poverty in Wiltshire:

Songs: Scallywag by Jake Thackray:

Werewolf: This song opens Act 2

Jerusalem sung by Billy Bragg:

Train Song by Tom waits:  (the original of Rooster’s insemination?)