Year 7 Monsters in Poetry: a short resource booklet

Poetic Monsters

I am about to give a short module based on Monsters in Poetry to year 7. I have made a handout of the poems I want to use and attach it for download here. The poems are Tyger and Pike (Blake and Hughes). I want to begin with work on the power of metaphor and thought that two poems about the natural world and our response to it would be an interesting introduction. The fact that both poems are used in IGCSE anthologies should not preclude their being used at this level. I thought that Jabberwocky would be fun to explore – after all, there is no better way to develop an awareness of the power of vocabulary than by creating and interpreting one’s own. I opted for Classics over Beowulf – I have created a Yr 8 Classics/Literature module in this area before and thought I would borrow… Once again, the images around Polyphemus eye are wonderful in this poem and beg for creative responses. Finally, a Frankenstein poem by Edward Field. Time to explore the idea of monster a little further. This will form the basis for a final written task on the poems.

A powerpoint to help with the PEARL analysis process: