Mockingbird Monologues

My colleague Sarah Capponi has made an excellent resource for revision and teaching To Kill a Mockingbird. As half term approaches, I have used it to revise Part 1.
The students write a dramatic monologue to explore their character and to shed light on the issues that affect them in Maycombe.

I attach the worksheet and some of the responses from my Year 10 class. Please feel free to listen and send comment on the performances – possibly not too detailed a critique of the Alabama accent – which I can pass on to the student performers. I will add more sound files as the students complete the task!

This has been a very entertaining couple of lessons as well as one that has shown my students at their best – working independently to produce something really worthwhile. Happy listening.

Sound file 1: 150210_001

Text 1 tom Heck Tate

Teaching worksheet TKAM Monologue

sound file 2: 150211_003

sound file 3: 150211_008

Sound file 4:

Sound file 5 Boo articulated:

Text 3,2,4: monologues, written version 2,3,4