CIE poetry coursework: exploration of depiction of love.

Year 11: You have one more piece of coursework to complete: The coursework element of the CIE poetry study for English Literature. I have chosen three poems to use in this coursework: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, Rossetti’s Sonnet Remember and Achebe’s harrowing A mother in a refugee camp. All can be found in your Edexcel Anthology, in section C.

The rubric:
The coursework portfolio must contain two assignments, each on a different text (You have completed one on All My Sons already.). Assignments should be between 600 and 1200 words (including quotations, but excluding references/bibliography). Candidates must not confuse length with quality. Assignments that are significantly over or
under the word count guidance may be self-penalising.

If poetry or short stories are used for an assignment, candidates must cover a minimum of two poems
or stories. Candidates are not required to compare poems or stories within the assignment, as it is
assumed that the assignment is based on the study of a wider selection of poems or stories broadly
equivalent to a poetry or short stories set text.


“Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 presents a definitive view of Love.  How do the poems Remember and Mother In A Refugee Camp fit in with this view?”. 

The resources below are designed to help you with this task.
sonnet lesson
remember revision lesson

 refugee camp

A Mother in a Refugee Camp Screencast

together with the video screencasts here, on the John Lyon You Tube course:

Refugee Camp:
Sonnet 116:

As ever, I am indebted to my former colleagues @engleeshteacher and Lisa Healy for the wonderful screencasts that they have posted to YouTube to support learning.

The CIE syllabus can be found here:  128365-2015-syllabus.