Year 7 Writing module: IED leading up to Christmas

This module is based on a Year 9 scheme discussed here: on the blog.  It was originally my work and was then adapted by the excellent @Engleeshteacher, Traycie Wrycraft.  I have come back to it to use with my new Year 9 class in a 4 or 5 week slot up to Christmas.

In essence, I teach the main features of creative writing to IED and then ask the students to make a little CD booklet of their responses.  I provide CD covers and the rest is simply fun.  This year I will be looking at drafting as special focus in line with Ron Berger’s “Ethic of Excellence”-  one of my touchstones.  My wish is to play as small a part as possible in the creation process.  The work should be independent and should reflect a wish to be as good as it possibly can be.


Y7 IED cd writing


y7 writing stimulus images