Approaching Unseens in the VIth form

This post is a result of preparing a student for the ELAT examination at Oxbridge level.

I am reminded of the teaching of the unseen paper for the IB Diploma and these resources which I used at that time.  I am indebted to my former colleague Margaret Alderson who has found the Quadrant for me – I had lost mine in the move between schools.

The Quadrant requires sophisitcated thinking, but it repays use and practice.  For some students the SCASI approach is just as effective.  The vital thing, it seems to me, is to have a clear plan of how to address the extracts prior to the examination.

A quick note:  IBDP gives 3 hours for a single passage.  ELAT gives 90 minutes for three from a choice of five…  In this case, speed and accurate objectivity are absolutely vital.  I attach some ELAT materials from the web site for convenience.

quadrant  a powerpoint explaining the quadrant approach

unseen lesson intro

marginal unseen paper