Talking about teaching in a world without lesson grades

I like this post very much. I have posted on here about TRIADS and the use of gallery critique in lessons… More strength to non confrontational observation!
Thank you.

Reflecting English

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Teaching is a lonely profession. Outsiders rarely understand this. On any given day, I might communicate with over a hundred children, adapting my register and tone according to the needs of the class, the child and the situation as best I can. Yet, for many of us, communication with our colleagues can become little more than a passing word in a noisy corridor. Days or even weeks can gently slip by with little more than a cheery “Morning!” or a half-hearted “Good weekend?” As much as I enjoy teaching, I am always in role in the classroom, even if this has become more natural and relaxed over the years. I wonder if in our drive to improve the educational chances of our students, we might have forgotten the very human need for adult conversation.

The equation we work by is simple but probably wrong: hard work equals better…

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