Notes and note taking

A short presentation for the Slough Teach Meet on 08/07/2014.

The idea is that when we ask students ot take notes, their responses may not be all we imagine. Many are slightly confused and simply do not have any real awareness of how notes might be written in order to be useful later in the term/academic cycle. This is the “forward awarenss” referred to on one of the slides…

My response is simple and another example of the magpie tendency I have developed as a twitter user. I Have no idea where this one came from, but I love it. A simple division of the page and the writing of notes in a lesson in any format. I have then suggested that a home learning task shoujld be the summary of the notes themselves, not the task. Ideally after 24/48 hours this task will require the student to re-engage with the notes and begin the process of longer term storage of the information. The examples come from Yr 7 and yr 10 and two of them are not from students widely recognised as the sort of student who can be relied upon to provide detailed and accurate recall of a lesson – this is not fixed! My point is that these notes are lucid and will provide genuine help when returned to in the revision phase.

Other quality ideas from @sloughgteachmeet were the website from @MissSichla and the idea of studentmeets from @3dimension1. A thoroughly enjoyable evening hosted again by the brilliant @MsDetterick.

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