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I have been teaching Catherine Johnson’s novel Sawbones in year 7 next term. I love this novel and hope that I have engaged Year 7 not only with the murder mystery element, but also in the context. After all, Slough is not that far from London and we were able to bring the streets and locales to life in one way or another…

A small London street map cost £2.00 from Amazon and pins and string did the rest. photo (8) Google Earth helped!

However this is what I have come up with:

An activity book for the students:
work book- sawbones

A teaching outline in PowerPoint. I have included this much as I taught it, and included screenshots of the tasks and student work. Also, some of the many tweets of support by @catwrote who has been exceptionally kind in her comments to my brilliant Yr 7 class- the guinea pigs.

Term project outline:
A slide share “features of detective fiction”

ezra table work

At the end of the course, work on the character of Loveday will be undertaken before reviewing the book. I will add the reviews to this blog post.

These images are of the Role on Wall referred to in the teaching PowerPoint.


Finally, a couple of reviews by my Year 7:
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