Year 7 poetry

I like it when a plans produces good results. Earlier this term I blogged a poetry teaching outline for year 7.
The materials are here:
stressed out poem

the future in poetry

at home abroad poem

duncan gets expelled poem

colour charts

The New Atlantis by Sir Frances Bacon

We Evengy Zamyatin 1920

And here are some of year 7’s poems, produced at the end of term… I love these especially, though none of the class let me down. I wonder how my colleagues reading this assess creative responses such as this? It seems such a shame to possibly curtail the creative energy seen here by chasing a level. I tend to praise and discuss and relay on other work to give me levels… poetry is personal and at its best it utterly defies levelling: ” I feel that young Mr Cummings needs to revisit his basic grammar…”

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. poetry examples
dead words