“To know Curley’s Wife would be to love her…” A response

Driven by a feeling that students tend to take Curley’s Wife at facevalue, even when encouraged to think beyond the obvious, I recently set an essay based on this quotation by John Steinbeck. The PowerPoint attached seeks to address the whole quotation as a means of engaging consideration of a wider perspective on Steinbeck’s (and my) favourite character in the novella Of Mice and Men.

I hope to have time to deliver this PPt as a short revision lecture and will post a sound file if I get that chance.


Re-reading today I noticed something that had passed me by on my innumerable visits to the well:In her disclosure to Lennie about her “dream” – the “pitchers”, have you noticed what it is that attracts CW to that life? ” Could’ve been in the movies an’ had nice clothes…” “all them nice clothes like they wear” is repeated twice following this comment.  There you have it – the real reason for the clothing so carefully delineated by Steinbeck.  This little girl (Candy “…go along an’ roll your hoop”) simply wants to dress up prettily.

Funny what you notice when you read!

Getting to know Curley’s wife

A screencast for further discussion:

A screencast for further discussion:Curley’s wife screencast from You Tube