Twitter in action in the classroom


Do you use Twitter?

Many teachers do use social networking as a valuable source of CPD. Events like the brilliant and inspirational #TLAB14 exist through Twitter and the range of comment and discussion is often spectacular.

Yesterday it really worked.

The document attached shows two responses from authors whose work I am reading with years 9 & 8. Lovely work had been produced, so I copied it and tweeted to Patrick Ness (@patrick_ness) and Tim Bowler (@tim_bowler). The texts being read are The Knife of Never Letting Go, in 9, and Starseeker, in 8.

Within the lessons… a reply and retweet. Brilliant affirmation of hard work by the students and a reminder that authors are real people and alive!

My resource plans are below:
lesson 1-16

knife of activities guide

a reading guide to The Knife of never letting go

teaching outline

activity booklet starseeker