Starseeker: Tim Bowler, teaching ideas.

I am about to teach the novel Starseeker by Tim Bowler to my Year 8 class. This is an exciting novel and one that is challenging a sit asks the students to consider not just a thoroughly good story about relationships and growing up, but also to consider what for many will be uncharted territory – classical music and synaesthetic responses…

I am intrigued because the characters work so well and Bowler writes in a manner that gives plenty of scope for exploration of the effects of language choices, and also because I have a synaesthetic reaction to some literature that I read and want to see how my students react to this idea.

Bowler’s website is a wonderful starting point: Frankly, a teacher can simply download the fabulous resources from this site, but I have adapted the resources in the material found below, to allow for my limited teaching time and to include work on PEARL paragraphs and such like. Many of the worksheets have found their way into the activity booklet. I recommend strongly that one approaches teaching this text through the material found online and am sharing my adaptations to offer a slightly different perspective.

A screencast to introduce the text:

PEE to Pearl starseeker

screencast ppt

lukerole on wall

Daz role on wall

activity booklet starseeker

teaching outline


Speed role on wall

Skin role on wall