Questioning presentation 1

Year 10 at my school should use this for their revision, but it might interest others. The quality is not perfect by any means, but there is a purpose here.

In the Spring I attended the excellent TLAB13 at Berkhamsted school and have blogged about it in this blog. I came away with many ideas, one of which was the result of a presentation by Rosie McColl, the 2nd in English at Berkhamsted. She presented the result of a clear focus at her school of engaging students in class presentation.The premise was that research had shown that traditional student led presentations were seen as dull, unengaging, easy to zone out of and also, as dangerously profligate on time. Students and staff seemed to agree about the issues with this form of straightforward activity.

The response to this was to insist on a high level of questioning by the student presenters. After some discussion of question stems and other features of successful questioning, students were asked to present. McColl’s group decided that this method of presentation was vastly more engaging and beneficial due to the engagement required by the whole room for the whole duration of the presentation. There was also a feeling that since the material had been discussed, the eventual outcomes were more likely to be accurate and believed.

Today my Yr 10 tried their first presentation to introduce the poem Once Upon A Time by Gabriel Okara. Theresult is attached for their use as a revision tool, but it might also give food for thought as teachers plan similar oral activities.