The Grit in the Oyster

My presentation at the Slough Teachmeet last week did slightly subvert the model, but in a good cause. Knowing that there would be a huge range of great teaching ideas being shared, I opted for a quick follow up to a discussion that has rumbled on in the Twittersphere and also to take the chance to plug the excellent TLAB13 and forthcoming TLAB14. I make some links to peadagogues whose writing I value highly in my teaching and offer what I hope is a timely nudge in the direction of application and graft in a world of every increasing new ideas.
Many are of high quality, and many, like Brain Gym, have more than a hint of the Emperor’s New Clothes about them. Particularly at this time of year, I want to remind students of the need for the hard yards. In a post with far too many mixed metaphors, it is time to recognise that the most imaginative and flamboyant backs rarely win matches without the pug-uglies up front creating a platform – GRIT.

the grit in the oyster

I am sure you can provide your own four minute commentary…