Blogs I follow and value…

Dear readers,

As the Edublog awards approach , I wanted to recommend a few blogs that I use. I am thrilled that I passed 50000 hits recently, but these are big hitters, that anyone with an interest in Education might do well to follow:

Individual Blog: I want to nominate a few here – John Tomsett, Head Teacher at Huntington schoolk York, , a wise and individual response to the world of teaching. Geoff Barton, Headteacher at King Edward VIth School, Bury St. Edmonds I find these two men inspirational for their approach to paedagogy and general issues surrounding all educators and students.

Teacher Blog: the blog of David Didau – a teacher whose writings never fail to interest and engage., the blog of AJ Quigley, form Huntington School, York. Full of good ideas and intellectual stimulus.

Individual Tweeter for his amazing tube map: @pekabelo and for his occasionally irrascible but often needed blasts of common sense: @oldandrewuk

Twitter Hashtag: The amazingly interesting and useful #ukedchat, without which Thursday evenings would not be the same.

If you have read this far, go and sample the blogs and tweets -you will not be disappointed. You might even suggest this site if you have found it useful!

Best wishes,