An autobiography SOW for Year 9

Here are some ideas for a 5/6 week autobiography course which we teach at the start of year 9. The resources can be altered to suit your students. I have added the opening of Marcus Trescothick’s autobiography this year. I should explain that my intention is not to simply follow current trends and celebrities, but rather to stretch students from the outset so that they have to undertake some research into the people whose lives they are sharing. A successful sportsman whose international career was cut short due to the colossal strain of travel and relentless pressure of participation at the highest level seems to me to be of greater interest than the current premier division footballer whose autobiography has been written 2 years into his professional career…

I do not always use the Frank Gardiner, this depends on the class. It is a long piece but generates great interest. The model passage is my stimulus piece which is intended to show several interesting techniques, and allow plenty of room for improvement!

The written work – 5 or so short pieces of autobiographical writing in the form of blurbs or sleeve notes of notional songs on the album of their life is not my idea – I have seen it around on Teachit, for example, and it was brought into our school by my colleague Traycie – Thank you! I always provide CD slip cases and demand artwork…

autob_cw_sow for diana
autobiogtaphy mark scheme