IBDP English teaching

I gave a talk at Brunel University PGCE department last week to illustrate some of the possibilities to explore when teaching English Literature for IBDP.
My thinking was that with around 300 schools offering the IBDP (not a small number when one considers the 168, or whatever it is, grammar schools in the country) trainees should have some exposure to the syllabus where possible. At my school we have many trainees and run an EBITT. I assess for QTS. I am always puzzled that trainees seem so unaware of this world-wide alternative for post 16 education. We offer IBDP and our trainees will always have access to the classes, even if only for observation purposes.
The aim was to introduce the IB as a whole and to discuss key differences in the teaching of IB – notably the oral elements and the coursework module. With orals counting for 30% of the overall diploma, this is a hugely significant change in teaching and assessment, let alone in studying techniques.
We also discussed ToK and its role in enriching the learning experience in English.

The trainees seemed enthused, one suggesting that he was applying to schools offering IBDP was gald of the information, another commenting that since IBDP teaching and the syllabus itself seemed to closely resemble the teaching and courses on offer at universities, it was surprising that so few schools offered the option.

I attach the PowerPoint from the session and a video of one of my current students giving his oral presentation. I welcome feedback…